Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dona Bradley

We are on countdown to the Women's Exhibition and Craft Sale, now just six days away. Meet
our 18th seller Dona Bradley with her cards featuring hand-drawn landmark views of Swindon celebrating the 175th anniversary of the town. Printed without colour detail so it can be coloured by either the sender or recipient.
Dona also takes commissions to commemorate events such as a graduation, a wedding, moving into a new home or another big event in life: a hand-drawn architectural portrait of the building where it happened. Dona creates the drawing by hand from photographs or sketches, colours the drawing digitally for a modern finish and adds a beautiful hand-watercoloured sky. You can then add personal elements, including text of your choice and a photograph of you, your family or your friends.
See her website for more information:

Women's Exhibition and Craft Sale Saturday November 12 1-4pm Christ Church Community Centre, Old Town.

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