Saturday, October 29, 2016

Poppy Seed Kitchen

For more information about the Women's Exhibition and Craft Sale visit the facebook page Swindon Suffragette.

Poppy Seed Kitchen is our tenth seller providing handmade, bespoke wooden height charts; relaxation gift sets; delicate clay butterfly artwork, and personalised work.
Sammi told us: I started Poppy Seed Kitchen after having my first daughter, Poppy, and wanted to spend as much time as I could at home. I left my job in Clinical Trials, moved to Swindon and started Poppy Seed Kitchen as more of hobby than anything else. It’s now become more than a hobby and I love creating bespoke items for families all over the UK and coming up with new and exciting ideas. But more importantly, it has given me the opportunity to take control of my own life and given me a bit of ‘me’ time back.
If you can’t make our sale you can buy through etsy:…

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