Monday, November 9, 2015

Council Meeting - Thursday, 12 November 7 pm.

Council Meeting
Here is an important notice concerning the future of Lydiard House and Park, and Swindon's other country parks.

This is an open meeting - you can attend!

Council Chamber,
Civic Offices

Thursday, 12 November 7 pm

7b  Motion – Lydiard Park
Councillor Jim Robbins will move and Councillor Kevin Small will second:
“This Council:

  • ·        Is concerned about the Cabinet Member for Culture’s recent announcement that the Cabinet are looking at transferring Lydiard Park and potentially Swindon’s other country parks to a private company.
  • ·        Believes the Council should retain overall control and continue to run its local country parks, including Lydiard Park. Furthermore Council believe that there are ways the Council can generate more income from our country parks without having to transfer them to a private company.
  • ·       Request the suspension of all current actions being taken to explore organisations that can take the running of Swindon’s country parks and requests that the Cabinet Member for the Economy, Regeneration and Skills brings a report to Cabinet detailing how the Council can generate more income from its country parks in order to mitigate the Council’s future budgetary challenges.”

Director of Law and Democratic Services 
Questions by Members of the Public in accordance with Standing Order 11 
Swindon Borough Council remains committed to increasing its accountability to the public and to promoting active citizenship. 

15 minutes will be allowed at the start of all Council meetings for questions to the Chair from the public about the work of the Committee (except for confidential matters, and matters relating to planning and licensing applications). 

We will give priority to those who submit questions in writing at least two days before the meeting. 

Questions must be relevant, clear, and concise. You may not use Public Question Time as an opportunity to make speeches or statements. 

Questions in writing should be sent to the Committee Officer whose contact details appear on the agenda above or to the Director of Law and Democratic Services, we will publish it, along with the answer, alongside the Minutes. The process associated with asking a public question is set out in the “Public Question Time at Council Meetings Protocol and Guidance” available on the Council’s Website ( h=0) or from the Committee Officer named above. 

Swindon Borough Council website 

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