Monday, August 20, 2012

Samuel Loxton

Samuel Loxton might be better known for his drawings of Bristol but he also penned a few of Swindon as well.

Born in Bristol in 1857, Samuel was the second son of  land surveyor Charles Byron Loxton and his wife Emily Rosina.  Samuel, who trained as a surveyor and architectural draughtsman, began to draw the Bristol buildings he had grown up alongside.

By the late 1880s he was providing drawings for the Bristol Observer and in 1908/9 the Bristol Evening News ran a retrospective series looking at 50 years of architectural development in Bristol.

In 1891 Samuel was still working as a surveyor and living with his widowed mother who ran a lodging house at 14 Victoria Place, Clifton.  But by 1901 he had taken the plunge both personally and professionally.  At the time of the census that year he states his occupation as artist and he lives at 3 Hampton Park with his wife and two young daughters.

The Loxton drawings in the Swindon Local Studies Collection date from c1900-1914.  Bristol Reference Library has a collection of 3,000 drawings by Samuel Loxton and while Swindon's collection might be smaller it is no less significant to the history of our town.

Samuel died at his Redland home on February 5, 1922.

Town Hall, Regent Circus

St Saviour's Church, Ashford Road

Christ Church, Old Town

Looking across town from the top of Deacon Street outside the cemetery gates

Looking down Bath Road from the corner of Wood Street

 Wesleyan Chapel on the corner of Faringdon Road, formerly known as the Barracks

To see more of Samuel Loxton's work visit the Swindon Local Collection.

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